I don’t know if I’ve ever posted this, but it’s a poem I wrote last year. Unfortunately the feelings are still valid.


I find myself looking back
And see this girl alone.

My mouth speaks,”It will end.”
While her soul gasps,”…but when?”

I cannot stand
the loneliness I face
It is the darkness
With weaves like lace

I seek for this God
And I wait to find
What I know you will give me,
In good time

But I struggle in the wait
And feel used as bait

I am the bullet board-
With scattered holes

They shoot at their fears
And I cry their tears

Why is it me God?
Why must I shed these tears?

I know you have a purpose for this
But it is hard to live
without any bliss

All I ask is for a friend-
Not pity, that someone might lend

I’m not asking for someone
to stand always by my side
Just someone that might cry,
had I died

Please god
I’m trying so hard to have hope
And you know
the slickness of that slope

But I am lonely and sad,
And I only wish that I had
A friend.