I’m going through a tough time right now. I search for love and acceptance, but to no avail. A short thing I wrote is this,” loneliness leadens the heart until it drops.” My heart feels like lead, and it’s dropping ever lower.

Tear drops splash on my porcelain skin, the salty residue is the mark of my sin.
I am held in contempt for crimes not committed.
I am locked inside a cold breathing gate. I have done the world no wrong!
These tears I cry
slide down into
my ears as I lie.
The feeling of drowning complete. My hearing is muffled, my thoughts rather drowsy, and all my crying eyes can see is the blackness of the watery abyss.
It’s nearly comforting, this water. It’s an embrace. And how I long for an embrace!
I am held from the world like a horrid and feared prisoner. Shackled to the wall but then dragged to the dungeon.
Ragged cuts bloody my once rosy cheeks.
I used to smile, my eyes would light up. But my face no longer knows the use of those muscles and my eyes are as dark as the world they see. My sparkle has faded, my cheeks have paled. How I have only wanted to be wanted. For them to smile when I walk in, not run. My soul tears itself to pieces when they won’t look at me. When a chance to speak with me makes them cringe.
I just want someone to talk to. I want someone to listen. Dear god please. I am so alone