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Sifted Sand

If life, the world, people and relationships are puzzle pieces…and I’m a circle…how can it ever work? Is it me that must be molded…or is it the world that must transform?
My thoughts propose rebellion and revolutionary tactics. My thoughts are of old fashioned ideals and religious importance. My mind is one of mercurial temper.
I’m so contrary that I have deep divides and colliding forces within my soul. What is this intangible reality? It’s nonsensical.



I have recently written some poems that unfortunately aren’t very good. They do, however, uncover my head to my peering eyes. But my head is filled with fog and my eyes are blind and of no use.
This is why the world is so lost. Society has nearly forced us to be born into blindness. We cannot see ourselves, what we want to be, and above all-we cannot see what we should be.

A blind man can’t describe a color he’s never seen.

We might fail the given test, but the marathon will always run its course.


Our hopes are fallen. They have dropped from the cup of truth. We wish for nothing, nothing beyond the material. What chance do we have if we cannot even see ourselves? No matter how large and clear the reflection, we still will not see what we have become.

Faces, faces, everywhere
hopeful glances fill the air
beauty isn’t so rare here

Bare your heart,
your hopes and dreams
just wait for the minute
the fluorescents scream

Red, yellow, blue, and gold
the story has not yet been told
be bold and brave until your grave

Don’t regret, move forward
always to fantasies anew

Blackened ashes turned to gold
open your eyes, eyes of old
connect the stars , connect the dots
fight the flood, be the scourge

Run, run, for your future’s sake
forget your fears and create a quake
leave your mark upon the stage
for all to see age to age

New York ComicCon 2012
Writers meet Artists Panel 10/12/12
Written by : earthlythoughts